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This is a local consultancy film licensed to operate its services in Malawi. It was established in 2021 but became fully functional  in 2023. It is was founded by professional psychometricians working in different government sectors including Malawi National Examination Board (MANEB), University of Malawi (UNIMA) and Lilongwe University of Agriculture, Domasi College of Education (DCE) and Natural Resources (LUANAR), working as lecturers and educational researchers.

The Founding of IPRAT

It was realized that there has been a gap in expertise to do educational research, assessment advice and evaluation of educational projects. Many organizations have the ability to make innervations in education sector, but there has been a need of technical experts to evaluate the projects impacts on education.

Undertaking Educational Research Consultancies

The collection of educational professionals in IPRAT is a strong and experienced team in conducting educational research. This is an opportunity for educational stake holders to engage researchers as they plan for intervention in education. Projects need to be made basing on informed decisions which are generated through research. For instance, factors that impact learners achievement needs to be systematically established through research.

Evaluating Educational Projects, Programs and Policies

Stake holders playing different roles in education needs a feedback on what impacts their efforts have made. IPRAT follow the international standards outlined by bodies like UNESCO, SACMEC, and PISA. IPRAT supports evaluating educational projects encompassing a wide range of possible factors.

Administering Aptitude Tests

The increased number of colleges and universities in the country has flooded the job market rightful papers. Its increasingly difficulty for employers to identify the best candidate among the numerous qualified job applicants. IPRAT gives employers a platform to focus and recruit best candidates through administering aptitude tests. Our aptitude tests are modeled such that the all factors that describe a good employee are captured. This include intelligence, being trainable, attitude, knowledge level in particular professional area, among others. This effectively minimize pre-hiring screening.

Meet Our Team

We are a diverse team of young and experienced experts!

Our team is best fit for our business proposition in the education sector and we are composed with expertise ranging across disciplines to bring about wider coverage in our services.

Austin Chimbalu

Director –¬†BEDSc

Aaron Chikakuda

IT Manager – MSc

Chris Mwaluza

Research Fellow – PhD

Wisdom Kapala

Research Fellow – BEDSc

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